Tiffany Pastor is truly convinced that there is no greater power in this world than the impact of God's love and grace in one's life.  Holding the highest esteem for God's Word, she carefully studies and holds true to the teachings and messages of the Bible while adding her own compelling creativity as well. As a theatre major and graduate from the University of Central Florida, Tiffany utilizes the art of story-telling and dramatic dynamics to draw her listeners in and hold their attention.

Tiffany has spent several years ministering to people of all ages. She founded and led the young adult ministry with her husband at their church in Florida for nearly 5 years. She has also spent time on church staff building youth and women's ministry as well. She and her husband currently serve as Children's Pastors at Church for All Nations, in Colorado Springs. Other speaking experiences include leading women's retreats, creating awareness about justice issues such as human trafficking, and giving the message in Sunday morning worship services.

Tiffany and her husband, Luke, were married in 2003 and have felt so blessed to watch God grow their family over the years. While Tiffany loves speaking to any group God brings her way, she also considers the ministry to her family the greatest honor. "There is nothing better than hearing your son sing about Jesus to his little sister. I didn't even pay him or prompt him to do it!"

Speaking Experience:
>> Sunday morning worship services
>> Youth and Young Adult events
>> Women's Retreats
>> Children's Ministry settings
>> Marriage Seminars
>> Social Justice Issues: Human Trafficking; Caring for the Widows, Orphans, and Poor