LIVING to make an IMPACT

Check out the testimonies from those who have heard Tiffany's teachings...

"Several years ago I had the privilege to hear Tiffany Pastor speak at a youth event. From the moment she took the mic I was moved by her heart and passion and was captivated by the message she was bringing. This gifted young woman clearly displayed a God given ability to bring the Word of God in a way that connects with the hearts of all who hear her.
         I was totally inspired seeing the Kingdom of God uncompromisingly being lived through a champion of this next generation. I would not hesitate to recommend the ministry of Tiffany Pastor for the above reasons and much more."

                                                                                      -- John James
                                                                                    The Newsboys
                                           Former Lead Singer and Co-Founder

"Have you ever wanted someone to speak to your students who could be on their level, talk about real issues without embarrassing your ministry, and all the while make much of Jesus Christ through His Word? This is the ministry that has been given to Tiffany Pastor. Tiffany is a godly woman whose heart breaks for establishing students in God's Word. She works diligently to benefit the ministries that she serves. You will enjoy the work God is doing in her."
                                                                                   --Brian Burgess
                                                                      Brian Burgess Ministries
                                                                                  North Carolina

"Tiffany has a remarkable ability to communicate the Gospel and issues of Christian concern to people. I have seen her speak to a widely varied audience in age and background and on other occasions observed her focus to a target group of teens or young adults with extremely solid connection. She has the ability to bring a focused message with great power and passion but without overstepping or intruding in the emotions of a hearer. She has great spiritual and communicative integrity. Tiffany is extemely creative in her approach as she reads the needs of her hearers without ever losing touch wiht the core message that the Lord has led her to bring. You will not go wrong with Tiffany as a speaker, leader, seminar feature, coach or preacher."
                                                                               -- Dr. Jeffrey D. Hoy
                                                         Sr Pastor of Faith Fellowship Church
                                                                                  Melbourne, Florida