Thursday, October 17, 2013

DO what you DO BEST TODAY!

Our days are filled with more than we might have even expected when we woke up. As a mom and wife, I wash more sippy cups, pick up more shoes, and fold more laundry than I can keep count.

There are those things in life that we do because we must, or it just helps hold things together. Paying bills, filling the car with gas, the list goes on. While I do get some satisfaction from a few of these tasks, there are other things that have way more reward! Yes, it is nice to look around and see a clean house! But that's not what I am talking about.

What do you do best?

When you pour time and energy into those skills or past-times, they revive you. They spark something inside you that ADDS to who you are instead of leaving you depleted. Those tasks are LIFE-GIVING to you, and the can some times get ignored when the other mundane things pile up before us.

Whatever you do best, Do it TODAY! 

Maybe you have way too much on your plate, but I bet you can find TWO MINUTES!

        and do the favorite thing you love! 

Is it photography? Take a picture.
Is is singing or dancing? Set the stage in your living room. Perform! Take a Bow!
Is it teaching? Invest in one person today!
Is it Exercise? Get down, and give me 20! (Even two minutes of exercise is better than nothing!)
Is it reading? Open up that book.
Is it parenting? Look your kids in the eyes, no distractions, and listen to their heart.
Is it writing? Write one paragraph.
Is it prayer? Find a quiet room, get on your knees, and listen to your Creator.
Is it building your dream? Get out their and take the next step.

Don't elevate the things you do best in such a way that you never actually do them.

You can spend TWO MINUTES on anything today, so why not charge yourself up and

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Nicole said...

I was feeling weighed down by my routine lately and was encouraging myself with Gal 6:9. Thank you for this well written encouragement to actually go do something that fills up my cup! :)

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